Chiang Mai, despite being located in tropical Thailand, boasts a pleasant year-round climate that is suitable for long-term living. Its location in the northern mountains results in cool mornings and evenings, creating a comfortable atmosphere with low air humidity for those who prefer dry air.

Nov-Jan: High-Season

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From November to January, Chiang Mai experiences its high season with daytime temperatures averaging at 28°C and nighttime temperatures dropping to around 10°C. While the rest of the northern hemisphere is facing cold winters, Chiang Mai remains warm with lush vegetation and clear air, perfect for daytime travel. The mornings and evenings are cool, requiring a jacket for warmth, and this is also the busiest time for tourists.

Feb-April: Burning-Season

Even in this hottest month, April, it will still be comfortable to walk at night with the tempretura of 22°C. However, this season brings a significant problem with it: burning. With an abundance of farming land, farmers burn it before the rainy season, which results in severe air pollution, making this season the worst in Chiang Mai.

May-Oct: Rainy-Season

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Like a movie, the rainy season comes and washes away all the dust, leaving Chiang Mai as clean as new, with an abundance of delicate clouds and cool air. All kinds of fruits, mushrooms and other crops are growing. In this short season, you can feel the exuberance of life, you can witness a small plant grow into a big tree, and you will also get a spiritual baptism and rebirth.
After this, Chiang Mai enters the dry and pleasant temperature season again, the high season.
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