Small Tasks

Help yourself have a better experience
Thailand is a country with a high level of tourism service, and you don't have to worry about getting into any trouble when you arrive. Basically, all the needs of a tourist are well taken care of.
Nevertheless, there are some things you can accomplish. Completing them will upgrade your experience to a whole new level.
Now take a look at our editor's list of tasks:
get a SIM card
1, a Thai number 2, can use the internet 3, can order food online because the delivery man may not contact a non-Thai phone number
1, you can easily buy a SIM card in the airport or at 711 with passport 2, for those with long-term residency plans, AIS is highly recommended for the best signal
get a TM30
1, unlock access to visa extension and visa transfer
2, can apply for driver's licenses, open a bank accounts, or purchase cars and houses
get a bank account
go cashless
get a driver's license
1, a Thai legal identity certificate 2, can drive motorcycle or car, which expands the range of mobility
It's very easy to get a motorcycle or car license in Thailand. We highly recommend that you get a Thai driver's license and learn the local traffic rules as well. There are many driving schools in Chiang Mai, and it usually only takes about 3 days to complete the test and get your license.
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