Get Moving

The best thing about Chiang Mai is that in just half an hour, you can get from the busiest of cosmopolitan cities to the middle of a complete mountain forest, this gives you endless possibilities in life. Don't waste such a good opportunity, get moving!


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Thanks to the large green areas, Chiang Mai is probably the cheapest place in the world to play golf. At this golf club near the airport, you can enter and play 3 baskets of golf balls for only 100 baht, and rent a club for only 50 baht.
Location: Pimantip Golf Club
Average Price: ฿150


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Going for a little go-karting speed and excitement at sunset is definitely one of our favorite things to do! Ten minutes to get you drenched in sweat is probably the most fun and efficient way to exercise
Average Price: ฿400


Chiang Mai Swing Dance has the best vibe with random dance partners from all over the world, and every party is a blast. They sometimes have open classes for tango and other dances, and you can subscribe to their Facebook page to get the latest new and new.
Location: One Nimman
Average Cost: Free

Rock Climbing

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Chiang Mai is a paradise for rock climbers, and the Crazy Horse Buttress is one of the top climbing venues in the world in terms of hardware facilities. It is operated and maintained by the Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Association (CMRCA), a local rock climbing organization, or if you are still a novice and interested in rock climbing, there are also many indoor rock climbing places in the city to choose from.
Average Price: Free

Mountain Trails

There are many waterfalls and hiking trails hidden in the Doi Suthep, where you can safely blend in with nature without worrying too much, as there are also many lovely cafes and resorts hidden around. If you're lucky enough, you're likely to run into bathing elephants - this is also their home.
Location: Mount Suthep
Average Price: Free

Muay Thai

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Want to feel something that you can't feel anywhere else? Then come and try Muay Thai!
Average Price: ฿400